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High-Purity Plant Polysaccharide
Biomedical Applications

Dazzeon Biotech stands out as a distinctive player in the Taiwanese biotechnology landscape, capable of integrating plant extracts with material science. Originated from researching polymer structures, plant polysaccharide activity, and nanonization technology, Dazzeon Biotech majors in the application of its core technologies in biotechnology, and adopts mutual verification of scientific theories and experimental data to develop products s that not only possess market value but also “Caring, Innovative, and Content”.

High-Purity Precision Plant Extracts

In the tapestry of human civilization, various herbal remedies have found widespread use. However, due to the intricate nature of herbal ingredients, processing and refinement are essential. This involves extracting active components to amplify therapeutic effects while simultaneously mitigating adverse reactions—marking the earliest roots of ‘purification technology.’

Within the research endeavors of Dazzeon Biotech, aloe vera has been recognized for its robust potential and extensive versatility. Focusing on the functional polysaccharides sourced from plants, particularly aloe vera, the company employs a continuous optimization of advanced plant extraction techniques. This approach aims to retain beneficial high molecular weight carbohydrates while eliminating potential harmful substances, ensuring a purer and more effective outcome. The resulting product has broad applications, ranging from various functional foods to cosmetics and pharmaceutical developments, showcasing a considerable breadth of versatility in its potential uses.”

Thousands year before common era, Aloe Vera has already been used as pharmaceutical plants all over the world. Aloe Vera is mostly known for its positive effects on wound healing ; thus, it’s mostly made as cosmetic or skin care related products. Aloe leaves contains a special component called Aloin, falls into the family of hydroxyanthracene derivatives. However, many studies had discovered that there might still be few concern of persist in taking hydroxyanthracene derivatives containing health products or dietary supplements.

Dazzeon Biotech has selected the variety of Aloe Vera permitted by Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration (TFDA). Furthermore, Dazzeon Biotech uses proprietary extraction technique to produce polysaccharide which is extremely pure and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Studies have shown that aloes are of high application value: soothing, moisturizing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, relieving itching, soothing burns, helping wounds to heal, alleviating peptic ulcers, protecting the liver, relieving constipation, and boosting immunity. Aloes are widely used as an ingredient in foods and cosmetics due to their various bioactive effects.

Dazzeon Biotech’s MannanPRO® plant polysaccharide is an Acemannan developed using patented technology at a purity level above 50%. The amount of its active ingredient is several times greater than that of other aloe extracts sold on the market, making the product as effective as possible.